FREE Bushnell Golf App


The Bushnell Golf App is a FREE to download app that is suitable for Apple and Android phone users.

Once downloaded Bushnell Golf provide access to state of the art graphics and technology designed to enhance your experience of the game of golf:

  • Seamless Updates: Wirelessly update golf courses on your compatible GPS devices through a Bluetooth connection on your phone. Quickly and easily change settings on your watch from the Bushnell Golf Mobile Application.
  • Play Golf: Access to over 36,000 professionally mapped golf courses worldwide. Front, center, back measurements to the green, custom points and 3D graphic representations of each hole along plus shot distance and Scorecard Tracking.
  • Swing Pro: Analyse your swing speed and tempo using the Swing Pro feature on your Bushnell Golf device.
  • Pedometer: Provides daily syncing of steps to your mobile phone allowing daily progress tracking.
  • Fitness: Fitness data function to closely evaluate average speed, pace and distance - great for sports away from the course.
  • Golf Scores: Track your round scores and putts easily in the Bushnell Golf Mobile App.

Please follow our easy to use guide to registering your product and down loading the app:

GPS Device 

  1. Download the GPS App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Select “join now” or sign in (if you already have a Bushnell Golf product)
  3. When prompted enter your product serial number

    Sync/pair your GPS Device

  4. From your device menu select “Bluetooth”
  5. In the “Bluetooth” menu select “on”
  6. On your phone select “My Device”
  7. Enter the 6 digit code displayed on your device into your phone
  8. Select sync your device

Laser Rangerfinder

  1. Download the Laser Rangefinder App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store onto your phone

    Open the app on your phone:

  2. Add your email address
  3. Add password
  4. Confirm password
  5. Add serial number
  6. Submit 

If you experience any issues setting up an account or have any Issues with finding the ID on the back of your device please contact igolf on [email protected]