Comfort That Performs
Skechers Go Golf Elite V.3

A one-stop sales, distribution and multi-media marketing agency


YUMAX Golf is a specialist golf company distributing the Bushnell Golf products throughout Europe and Skechers GOGOLF brands throughout the UK and Ireland. Our expertise lies in connecting brands with the most efficient sales and distribution channels and our network of contacts and sales agents both at home and abroad make sure that your message reaches the whole market place. Using creative marketing, PR and communications techniques our campaigns reach large numbers of end users with consistent on brand messaging. Our strategic partners provide access to major golfing events and our relationships within the golf market are both wide ranging and unrivalled.


Remains the undisputed #1 laser rangefinder in professional golf. More professional tour players trust their distance measurement to a Bushnell Golf laser rangefinder than any other brand.


The fastest growing shoe brand in golf, Skechers GOGOLF has that “Out of the Box” comfort promise that other brands
just can’t match.