GPS Troubleshooting

If you are having issues logging into please send an email detailing the issue you are having, ensuring to note your device model, device serial number and last known password.

Bushnell Golf watch not turning on? If you have a Bushnell Golf watch that will not turn on, has lost power or seems to have died, first connect the unit to power to ensure the unit is receiving charge, hold down the bottom right hand button for up to 15 seconds. This is the power (ON/OFF) button that can be used for switching the unit on and off.


Bushnell Golf Full Sync Instructions

Please be aware that a ‘full sync’ only updates the device firmware and does not update any course information. In order to update any course you must complete a Single Course Update as detailed below.

Go to
Log in with your email and password (top right of the page)
If you have not previously registered the unit you will need to register.

Click Device set up once logged in.

The website will say ‘initializing sync application’ but as this is the first time the device has been synced the application will fail to launch and the page will display an option to ‘download installer’.

  • Select ‘download installer’
  • The application will then download a program, normally this will show on the bottom left hand side or the top right hand side of the computer depending where your downloads normally show
  • If this does not show in either of these locations you will need to go to your start menu, locate and open your downloads folder and locate the application
  • Double click on the application to run it
  • If your computer asks if you want this application to make changes to your computer select ‘YES’
  • You will then be prompted to go through a set up wizard, you will need to select ‘continue’ or ‘next’ until you get the option to select ‘finish’ – this will close the install wizard
  • Go back to the website and select ‘device setup’
  • This will then pop up with ‘initializing sync application’ again which will close itself when the next window loads
  • When the next window is loaded you should see DEVICE CONNECTED IN ORANGE
  • Underneath it should say in SYNC DEVICE click on this.
  • The sync should take an estimated 30 minutes but may take longer depending on the internet connection speed
  • When the sync is completed the screen will display ‘sync completed’ from here you can select ‘continue’ and the website will prompt you whether you wish to keep your device connected.

After a full sync, we do recommend that you do a single course update by completing the following steps.

  • Go to
  • Log in with your email and password (top right of the page)
  • Looking at the screen you should see DEVICE SET UP & SEARCH COURSES
  • On the next screen page you will see a search bar – type in a golf course you play at most or any course you know may have had recent changes.
  • A list will appear with all courses of that name.
  • Locate the line that is the course in the State and Country you want.
  • Click on the name.
  • The next screen will show DEVICE CONNECTED IN ORANGE
  • Underneath it should say in DOWNLOAD COURSE in green click on this.
  • This should take no longer than 1 minute.
  • Unplug the device and you are all done.
  • Log out of

For a PDF version of these instructions specific to the Neo Ghost please download the document from the below links:

For Windows Computers:
For Mac Computers:


Single Course Update

Go to
Log in with your email and password (top right of the page)
Click Device set up once logged in.

  • Allow the Installing Igolf Sync Setup (wait for the status to say complete)
  • Once the Igolf sync wizard has completed click FINISH
  • Look in the top right hand corner and LOG OUT.
  • Locate your downloads folder on your desktop can be found by clicking on the START button ( red, green, blue, yellow icon)
  • You should see a DOWNLOADS file click on this
  • A list in alphabetical order will appear locate the file “igolf plugin” Right Click & RUN
  • Close the web browser down ( click on the “x” in the top right hand corner of the page)
  • Find your Internet icon and open a web page (most likely will load your default home page)
  • Load in
  • Login with your email and password for the GPS in the top right of the page.
  • Plug you GPS in to the computer (only Neo Plus hand held units and Hybrids must be switched off)
  • You should see DEVICE SETUP & SEARCH COURSES in orange.
  • Click on SEARCH COURSES.
  • Type in your home course and search.
  • The next screen will show the courses with your search field- click on the line that applies to you golf course.
  • You will then see your device say CONNECTED IN ORANGE on the computer screen.


Bluetooth connectivity with The App

If your device is not connecting to your Bushnell Golf App via Bluetooth the below troubleshooting may be helpful to assist the devices connecting.

1. Reset the device Bluetooth
2. Sign out and close the Bushnell Golf App
3. Reset mobile device Bluetooth
4. Remove/Forget the device from mobile Bluetooth menu
5. Hard reset your Bushnell Golf Device
6. Re-attempt Bluetooth connection


Error Code

If your device has an error code that may mean that the files have been removed or corrupted. This can happen a number of ways.

If your device is plugged into any type of Chromebook/Google laptops it may cause an error and delete/corrupt the files.

Chromebooks use a different file structure system from Windows/Mac, so the device files can become corrupted or erased when plugged into Chromebooks.

Additionally, plugging them into other electronic devices that might have a USB port, such as a home stereo or TV as an example, can also cause the file errors.

As for the cases where the device is plugged into a windows or mac computer, safely ejecting is really the only certain way to prevent corrupted or lost files. However, if you have the device plugged in and the website is open, the website is designed to do this for you, which you have likely seen when it asks to click “disconnect device”, or “keep connected” after an update finishes.

An error can sometimes come up at this point (Error 1400).

This is due to the command to eject is on the website and outside of windows (or the mac system), security or antivirus software can often block the signal sent to windows/mac to eject the USB device properly.

Another way a device may lose files or become corrupted is by sudden unexpected loss of power to the device.

There are many other potential causes for Error Codes, but the bottom line is safely ejecting can almost always prevent the errors. The Error Codes can normally be removed and the device reset by having it wiped and reloaded to function normally again. This can be done by yourself following the below steps for ‘Rectifying Error Codes’


Rectifying Error Codes

If your device presents with an error code the below steps can be followed to clear the error code and reinstate the files


Satellite Connection – Bushnell Golf Neo Ghost

GPS Units work off satellites, meaning the unit cannot pick up courses until the satellite has reception.

Step 1 – Turn on the Ghost and Press MENU
Step 2 – You will then see PLAY GOLF / SETTINGS. You must wait here DO NOT Press PLAY GOLF
Step 3 – You must then wait for satellite bars to appear in the top right hand corner. You can then press PLAY GOLF.